Minecraft Version Changer

  • Categoría: Strategy Games
  • Licencia: Freeware
  • Tamaño: < 1 KB
  • Sistema: w2000 wXP Vista w7
  • Idiomas:

Play the old versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft Version Changer is a handy program that lets you play any old or previous version of Minecraft with the push of a button. The Minecraft Version Changer usefullness lies in the ability to play Minecraft with mods that are compatible with some older versions of the game, and not the latest.

After downloading Minecraft Version Changer, to use it you just open the program, having ended your Minecraft client. Then you select the desired version of the program, select the option to change or download the new server, and you're ready.

On the website, you can see the full list of Minecraft versions that you can open with Minecraft Version Changer.


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